Web site hosting and web design

Airbits offers personalized, affordable website hosting, web design and web maintenance services. Airbits is a local web host for the Estes Park area. Pricing runs $200 per year plus one-time setup fee of $25 for hosting; design and maintenance of your site is $80/hr. We charge $55 per year for website hosting,  Instruction in the basics of web design and editing, as well as tips for producing content with an eye toward search engine placement, is also available at the same rate. We charge $20 per year for domain registration which is done in compliance with the ICANN rules 

Email addresses at yoursite.com and site statistics are included. Web sites are hosted locally on our server, using apache on a unix server. Airbits regularly makes backups of all hosted web files. We value our hosted sites and are responsive to the needs of clients for up-to-date content. Airbits customers are entitled to free web space @airbits.com with a convenient file-manager access, in addition to ftp.

We are experienced in planning, ordering and setting up network cameras that are viewable over the Internet. Using our wireless high speed Internet service, we can offer unique opportunities for placement of outdoor cameras to monitor home building projects or views of Estes Park that can help attract visitors to a site.

We design custom web sites, creating aesthetic, interesting sites that emphasize clarity and organization. Please contact us to set up a meeting if you are interested in having us help design or edit your website. Examples include:


Scott’s Helmand Valley Archives is a repository of USAID field reports for the Helmand region in Afganistan. It is built automatically at low cost from a list of almost a hundred documents provided by the author.




Phalo Constructions. This was an extensive, custom-designed site that presented and explained this custom builder to potential customers. It is no longer active because the business owner has moved on to new pursuits elsewhere around the globe.



Dave Wall Photography. This custom-built site focuses on the artist’s images, so you can easily browse through examples of his work and appreciate its quality without being distracted by less important things.



ArtsShow-thumbContent Management site. Here is an example of a web site design using a template that allows the site owner to login and make changes to text and pictures, as well as add new kinds of content.



Examples of other sites we host (but did not design):1. T.W. Beck Architects. Estes park architect.
2. Jack Folk Art. American folk art.
3. Spaceglass. Artwork and glassware.
4. Mark Rashid. Horse training.
5. What would erle do. Musings of a paramedic.