Computer Service

Airbits does computer repair, services, and consulting and is PC, Apple, Mac, Linux and Unix friendly. We enjoy solving both software and hardware issues and have successfully tackled many difficult, perplexing issues that PCs generate. Our hourly rates are $65 when the computer is in the shop and $85 when we visit your computer on site. We use common sense in deciding whether a particular computer repair is likely to effect a good outcome for you. We explain what we find and ways to improve your computer’s performance in the future.

Our computer repair services include data recovery, data backup, virus and spyware cleaning and prevention, computer network issues, data wiring, part replacement or upgrades, software installation and troubleshooting, and some hardware repairs. We provide instruction and consulting help, and can troubleshoot vexing problems. We also can set up your office or home network and advise on software and peripheral devices.