Airbits High Speed Internet

Airbits High Speed Internet

Airbits brings high speed wireless Internet service to Estes Park at affordable prices. Family owned and operated, Airbits has provided reliable local service in the high country of the Estes Valley to a sizeable base of business and residential clients since 2000. We bring over forty years of combined computing and network experience to serve our customers. We take pride in our reputation for local service and we encourage you to ask around about Airbits as a choice for Internet service and computer repair.

Improvements to the Airbits network have allowed for new, higher speeds. Service plans are described below. The service can be customized according to need.

Airbits brings economical broadband Internet service from a fiber optic feed to the airwaves to a wireless receiver unit at your home or business. The signal can be shared among multiple computers via a router, which will also provide firewall protection. We can assist you in deploying a home or business network.

Wireless internet technology remains fertile ground for innovation. We have seen exciting developments over the years that have driven down costs and improved performance and speed, and more improvements are on the way.

Standard Service: Up to 6 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, $99 installation fee (install fee includes the first month of service) and $49.00 per month. Our most popular plan. Comes with email accounts and free spam protection.

Premium Service: Up to 12 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload, $99 installation fee (install fee includes the first month of service) and $79.00 per month. Comes with email accounts and free spam protection.

Budget Service (for residential): 1 Mbps download and upload, $99 installation fee (install fee includes the first month of service) and $29.00 per month. Comes with email accounts and free spam protection.

Seasonal Service: Out of state residents who maintain a vacation home here are eligible for our seasonal service. It provides service at 6 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload for $49 per month for a minimum of four months. (Speeds are higher outside the summer season.) There is an initial, one-time-only setup fee of $99. The minimum annual four-month charge of $196 is payable annually in advance, and monthly charges beyond four months are payable as they are incurred.

Temporary Deactivation: You may have your Airbits service deactivated upon request due to special circumstances, for example if you will be away for an extended period. Deactivation will be for one or more full billing cycles (calendar months). Customers who wish to be activated and deactivated every year should subscribe to the seasonal service instead.

Actual speeds may vary due to factors such as PC networking overhead, server loads and Internet traffic. Our network features low latency so you experience the Internet more quickly. We monitor and manage our network traffic to minimize the chance that heavy use by other users would interfere with your online experience. We make regular upgrades to the system to ensure true high speed for everyone on the network.

We retain ownership of the wireless equipment we affix to your residence or business. The install fee is a labor charge. In rare cases, if your location is far enough away from the transmit site, the installation fee is higher to help defray our cost of extra equipment and effort.